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Q. How do I know whether to do focus groups or surveys?
This is the classic quantitative vs. qualitative research question. The short answer is if you need to know the answers to "how many" or "how much" questions, you need representative, quantitative surveys. If you are looking for answers to "how" or "why" questions and insights into behavior, you need qualitative in-depth interviews or focus groups. Discuss your objectives and information needs with a research professional to help you decide.

Q. How many focus groups should I do?
This will depend on the geographic distribution and complexity of your target market and your budget. Ideally, you would conduct at least two groups of each target segment you want to study. A professional qualitative research consultant will review your objectives with you and make recommendations.

Q. What's involved in a focus group project?
For a description of the steps involved in a successful focus group project click on 10 Steps to Successful Focus Groups (PDF to be developed)

Q. What about on-line focus groups?
Online focus groups can be especially useful for a number of different audiences and topics. Online focus groups can be conducted synchronously or asynchronously. Group Works conducts online discussion boards. For more information click on “Online Discussion Boards.”​